The Pantheon

The Meaning of Our Name

A Pantheon is a temple dedicated to all the gods, a building in which the illustrious dead of a nation are buried or honored. Pantheon is a Greek term meaning “honor all Gods.”The Pantheon in Rome is a temple which was built around 126 A.D.    The round, domed section of the building is the main area of the facility. A circular opening is found at the top of the dome. This opening, also called the "oculus," is open to the sky and provides the only source of natural light into the building. Throughout the day the light moves around the interior space, depending on the location the sun. The diameter of the dome (142 ft) is in perfect proportion with the Pantheon as the distance from the floor to the top of the dome is exactly equal to its diameter. The Pantheon is possibly the first building of antiquity designed to favor the interior rather than the exterior.

Oculus Investigations & Consulting, LLC takes its name and inspiration from the oculus of the Roman Pantheon. We aim to bring light to all cases we investigate. We understand the sensitive nature of cases requiring the need for a private investigator. We promise that you will always be treated professionally and respectfully while maintaining the level of discretion required for your case. Like the oculus of the Pantheon, we will provide the opening needed to bring light to your case. 

Oculus Investigations looks forward to bringing light to your investigation.