Other Services

Workers Comp Fraud


You suspect someone of falsely filing a workers comp claim? Give us a call to help you get to the bottom of it.

Locate Missing Persons


Are you missing your family member or friend and it seems the local police are not doing enough? Hire us to conduct a private search for your missing person. 

Process Service


You need a subpoena served and don't have the time or can't seem to find the person who needs to be served? Call us now for immediate results. 

Workplace Issues


Are you dealing with workplace theft or other inappropriate behavior and you don't know your next steps? Call us now for a free consultation.



Do you think your spouse is not being true to the marriage? It's not always infidelity. A surveillance may provide the answers you need. Call us today for a peace of mind.

Background Checks


Are you concerned about your daughter's new boyfriend? Do you suspect the person you're dating is hiding something? Call us now to learn their secrets!